Rocca d'Anfo


The Rocca d’Anfo is a collection of fortifications, overlooking Lake Idro, which span over 50 hectares of terrain. What is visible today is the union of two fortresses: one Venetian, the oldest structure in the South, and the other a Napoleonic structure in the North. Its origins date back to the 15th Century.
Following the fall of Napoleon, Rocca d’Anfo became the largest outpost of the Austrian empire in the Sabbia Valley. With the unification of Italy (1861) and the development that followed towards the end of the 1800s, it underwent extensive renovation and expansion of the defensive equipment.
In the First World War the Rocca d’Anfo was the epicentre of fortified defence work in the Sabbia Valley and it soon became the logistic centre of the entire defensive force until the end of the war. From then onwards, it was utilised as an army barracks, logistics and communication support centre and a storage facility for weapons and ammunition. The Rocca d’Anfo was used by the Italian Army until 1975 when it was decommissioned.
Ticket Office located in: Via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa - Anfo
The Rocca d’Anfo is open by reservation only, every weekend from May to October, with some weekday opening times during July and August.