Rocca di Nozza

  • address Via G. Giori 16, 25078 Vestone


The castle was built on a rocky cliffside that created a strategic obstruction of the southern passage, presumably towards the end of the first millenium. It was first mentioned in 1198 as a detention centre for 60 noblemen of Brescia. In 1427 the Sabbia Valley swore allegiance to Venice and when, towards the end of the 15th century Venice began the construction of the Rocca D’Anfo, the Rocca di Nozza definitively lost its role as the stronghold of the Valley.
The impending cliff of the Rocca di Nozza is softened by the small church of the protomartyr St. Stefano, presumably built for the lord of the castle and the garrison of the Rocca di Nozza, in the 13th Century. Together with the nearby chapel of St. Quirico, the parish of St. Maria di Provaglio was under the jurisdiction of Val Sabbia.