Ferrate di Casto


This park is truly a wonder: mountains with steep, rocky cliff faces, a number of rock climbing routes and 18 hiking tracks that are fully equipped and well connected, immersed in a splendid valley. There are seven Tibetan bridges, and for the more adventurous there are four zip lines to enjoy the view from 80 metre high jumps. A fun and interesting path worth noting is the “Stretta di Luina”, a natural canyon carved into rock by running water, that leads hikers into a spectacular path made of steps in the water, surrounded by walls of rock.
For children, the “Mini Park” was created with a path specifically equipped for first-time hikers and mountaineers and provides a very stimulating and exciting experience. For some relaxation, there are turquoise ponds with crystal clear water, and rivers that flow from the surrounding mountains and waterfalls that enrich the breathtaking scenery. There are also secure bike paths for mountain biking, and a full-circuit hiking trail that ascends and descends the mountain with views of the woods and the valley below. Entrance to the park is free and the opportunity to rent equipment for various sporting activities is provided.