Altopiano di Cariadeghe


Serle, a karstic and hilly area, rich in history and charm, is known especially for the Altopiano di Cariadeghe, an area of great environmental importance, both for its geology and for its flora and fauna. It stretches behind the town of Serle, at an altitude of 700/800 metres, between the Valley of Caino, the slopes of Mount Dragoncello to the South-West, and Mount Ucia to the North, whilst on the South it opens up to vast plains. The area is very green and pleasant; at the beginning of the plateau there are meadows with some farms, whilst further along there is a thick forest area with many hazelnut trees, hornbeams and beautiful beeches. As a result of the varied network of paths and dirt roads that are easily navigated with minimal incline, the plateau can be travelled far and wide without particular difficulty or strain. The aspect which makes this plateau the most renowned and unique region in Lombardy is the karst terrain: this terrain conformation is unique and rare in the natural landscape in the province of Brescia, mainly due to the widespread presence of sinkholes that line the rocky subsoil.